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How do you remove a nail from a stud?

I completely spaced on where the studs in the walls were and I nailed a nail into one of the studs. How do I go about safely removing it from the stud?How do you remove a nail from a stud?
place a putty knife under your hammer and then pull the nail out .( pull the hammer strait down on the stud) and you will not damage the wall.How do you remove a nail from a stud?
I hope you did not nail it all the way in.

If not then all you have to do is get a flat board and hold it up against the wall, next to the nail. This will protect the wall. Pull the nail out using the claw part of your hammer.

If it is all the way in. I would leave it alone, or drive it in a little further and then fill in the nail hole. Otherwise you will tear up you drywall trying to get it out.
It's fine to have a nail in the stud, and in some cases may be preferable. But if you need to remove it then grab it with a pair of needle nose pliers and pull. That's all!
look at your hammer on one end are claws get the head of the nail between the claws and pull away from the claws

What is the best way to remove glitter nail polish?

Regular nail polish come off easy with cotten ball and remover but the glitter is a lot harder to get off. Is there any easier way?What is the best way to remove glitter nail polish?
I would use pure acetone and a large cotton ball. Soak the cotton and press on nail and do as usual. It works for me.What is the best way to remove glitter nail polish?
I have an other way to do it. I have always had major problems with glitter nail polish too! After you are done using the fabric softener sheet from dryer, wrap a some cotton balls with it. It hold up much better than regular cotton balls and works great to get that glitter off. :-)

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How can i remove nail polish from my salon fake nails ?

they put so many coats and polish on it

and when i use nail polish remover it doesnt work

any ideas ?How can i remove nail polish from my salon fake nails ?
Use nail polish remover that does not contain acetone. That is Acetone-free. Regular nail polish remover with acetone will loosen the glue and disolve the nail, resulting in a rough surface or the nail coming off. People who want to remove their nails use this nail polish remover to take acrylics and other nails off to save the fee at the salon.

I would try what one of the others suggested and soak your nails. Just make sure to use the right type of polish.

Or you could always go back to the salon and pay them about $3-$5 to take/change it for you.How can i remove nail polish from my salon fake nails ?
Oh dear, it must not have the smelly acetone in it. Get one of those jars %26amp; soak your nails in it. After you do that %26amp; get it off etc, you're gonna need to treat your hands to some extra pampering %26amp; moisturizing. Good luck.
Try soaking your nails in nail polish remover for a while-maybe that will work. I use salon nails all the time and I usually take of the polish with nail polish remover...I dont know why it is not working for you :(
make sure you use non-acetone remover. the regular remover will melt the acrylic from your nails. it's more gentle and and meant for fake nails.
regular nail polish remover SHOULD work. ask the nail tech you used.
soak them in the nail polish remover for about 5 min, then start wiping the polish off.

hope i helped :)
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  • What's the best way to remove dried nail polish from a t-shirt?

    My daughter brought me her tpshirt that has red nail polish on it, along with her blue jeans. any ideas on how ti get it out?What's the best way to remove dried nail polish from a t-shirt?
    Cellulose paint thinners (as distinct from white spirit,etc),available from car accessory shops or auto paint suppliers will dissolve it (and NOT the T-shirt!). Work outside because it's a bit whiffy! Put the T-shirt in warm soapy water immediately afterwards.What's the best way to remove dried nail polish from a t-shirt?
    Straight acetone(hardware store %26amp; mask), cotton balls, and paper towels. Cover your face with a respirator or a cotton mask (you'll look life a goof ball, but trust me on this one!). Soak a cotton ball in Acetone. Put the paper towels under the material that has polish on it. Dab the cotton ball on the paint until it has bled completely onto the paper towel. Launder ASAP
    throw the t-shirt out
    well, first i would call or email the company that made the nail polish and ask for recommendations.

    if i didn't get a useful answer, i would try removing it gently by patting the dried nail polish a lot using whatever regular nail polish remover you or she typically use to get that brand of nail polish off your fingernails.

    It may well be impossible.
    the solvents mentioned above will probably disolve the polish, but if it's red, it will leave a pink stain no matter what you do. I'd chuck the clothes.

    How to remove false nail glue?

    I have a little glue on a jacket in a place that is noticable. Any tips on how to remove this would be appreciated.How to remove false nail glue?
    Artificial nail glue is basically super glue, also known as cyanoacrylate adhesive or ';CA';.

    The only way to dissolve CA is to use a 'de-bonder', specifically, designed to return the glue to a liquid state. You can get a de-bonder from many mail order places. one link shown below. But you can also pay a bit more at a beauty supply store for a de-bonder marketed specifically for nails, also a link below.

    Either way, you should test the de-bonder on an inconspicuous place inside the jacket to ensure it will not stain the material before you use it in an obvious place.

    Good luck-

    ...How to remove false nail glue?
    Goof off (make sure you test a small spot first) if this doesn't work you can try the lemon based non toxic version of it (do not recall the name off the top of my head)

    Also greased lightening is the best stuff ever!

    Wink (brown bottle sold in Walmart, test a small spot on your clothing first to make sure it won't damage it)
    acetone based nail polish remover is the best
    hmm did u try beaching the jacket?
    Dry cleaners - any other way and you risk damaging the jacket.
    Maybe if you try to soak it in water, or scrub it really hard
    Try acetone, or acetone based nail polish remover. Test it on an unseen area first like the inside hem to make sure it does not damage the fabric.

    Good Luck!

    Whats the best way to remove finger nail polish from jeans and carpet?

    i spilt red finger nail polish on my jeans and tried polish remover to get it out, didnt really help kinda smeared it a litte...i also got it on the carpet, tried polish remover and spot remover, didnt really work either...HELP!Whats the best way to remove finger nail polish from jeans and carpet?
    The only thing I can think of is non-acetone nail polish remover. Apply, let it soak in, then BLOT dont' rub, ith a paper towel. You will probably have to do this several times.

    Test it in an inconspicous area first to make sure it won't damage the fabric.Whats the best way to remove finger nail polish from jeans and carpet?
    There is product call Goof Off. Bolt set for a sec and bolt it and repeat if necessary...
    try a little bit of lighter fluid, just a little though.

    How can you remove nail polish without using acetone?

    there is non-acetone nail polish remover that works just as good.How can you remove nail polish without using acetone?
    dear friend, I never use acetone to remove nail polish, it damages my nails. What I do is, I use nail polish instead of acetone, it works. So, you polish your nail over the old nail polish, you dont wait to get dry, clean it, and the top nail polish will clean the old nail polish too.How can you remove nail polish without using acetone?
    Should not use acetone directly on the skin because it will turn ur nails yellow or may discolor them, it is always better to use nail paint remover from better know brands like Revlon etc.
    use any perfume it wud help out
    non-acetone fingernail polish remover. should be right beside the one containing acetone :)