Monday, January 18, 2010

How can I remove nail polish from my carpet and sofa?

I have nail polish remover but I'm afraid this will also take the colour from the carpet and sofa as well. Any suggestions gratefully receivedHow can I remove nail polish from my carpet and sofa?
If it has already dried, try peeling/scraping it up (or cutting it out of the carpet). From my experience, using acetone tends to spread it and make it look worse.How can I remove nail polish from my carpet and sofa?
try a small spot %26amp; see if it removes the color. Maybe a non-acetone nail polish remover.
With nail polish remover, silly
go here professional advice.........
From ';Mary Ellen's Clean House';:

';Apply drycleaning fluid or (on non-acetate carpets) acetone or nail polish remover.';

I think it depends on the type of fabric/material. I would have used acetone straight off but it looks like you can't use it on some synthetic materials.

Probably best to spot test the solvent in an inconspicuous area, and if possible, get some advice from the carpet vendor and sofa manufacturer.
If nail polish remover doesnt work you need a new carpet and sofa!
vinegar and lemon juice,,,
you will want to first try a hidden area to test the fabric but acetone will normally work. or if you have any lacquer or paint thinner you can dilute it be using a damp wash cloth %26amp; then applied it to the cloth
wipe with kitchen paper, then flush with nail polish remover (do not use on some man-made fabrics). Use methylated spirits to remove the remaining colour.
Call a professional carpet cleaner.
try peanut butter, it works on gum
1 thing u can do is soak some cotton in kerosene oil n then try to remove it.

Hope it works

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